Friday, August 13, 2010


Today was Katelyn's first day of Kindergarten. Now normally, I would be in tears but there was something about knowing she is going to school that brings a certain calm over me. It's more because I know she WANTS to be there. She has been asking for school all summer!
We began the day full of enthusiasm and excitement. Katelyn knew that when she woke up, she would be able to put on her brown jumper and her blue shirt. She has wanted that jumper since we got it. She says she is Princess Katey in it :) She had a big breakfast of biscuits. Yes, you may be asking how is that a big breakfast, but with Ms. Picky eater, 3 biscuits is a FEAST! After breakfast, I want the kids to be in the habit of making their beds themselves, so they eagerly went into their room, made their beds with the promise of being able to get dressed and go to school of course!
Kaylee kept asking, "Mama, if I make my bed, can I go too?". I had only one thing that I could tell her to make her happy. That was " Well Kaylee its not your turn yet, but Mama will surely have FUN with you today. " I dont know if she will consider what I have to do fun, but today we will begin learning all the sounds of our letters. My goal with her is to have her reading simple words before Pre K next year.
After the kids were all dressed, I went outside to grab our wagon for the two babies to ride in. Katelyn was so excited for the bus to finally be coming to pick her up. She was so excited that she actually was mad when the wrong bus stopped to pick her up! She ran onto the porch and pouted her little pout. But absolutely nothing could stop her from grinning ear to ear when her bus FINALLY came to get her. She didn't want a kiss. She didn't want to hold hands. My baby girl, is independent. I couldn't be a more proud mama.

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  1. So I will be a basket case when it's my turn! Suh a big girl!