Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boys will be boys

So I have this wonderful friend Kayla, who is , as she says it, "scared of girls". Lol now she says this, but it's just because she has the cutest, most wonderful little potato at home that brightens her day. He is too cute for words and with a little angel like that, who would ever want to have girls instead of a boy?? ME thats who lol! I had my two girls first,and they were a breeze. This little boy is going to bring his mama to her death!
Saturday, we were enjoying a little at home rare time with Daddy! CJ was climbing all over his Daddy, just as he always does when Corey is home. I was folding clothes sitting on our couch, and the coffee table was just full of clothes. Big Corey (as I call him at home) put little Corey standing up, in front of the coffee table. This is a normal thing since Little Corey has been walking. He just takes off as fast as he can as soon as you put him down. Little Corey lost his footing, fell, and "busted his coconut". He hit his head so hard that I could only cover my eyes. I knew this was a bad one. Then my husband picks up the baby, and starts telling me there is blood pouring from his mouth!!! Of course being Mommy, I leapt up, went directly for the sink and immediately started washing his mouth out to get an assessment of damage. Hey with a hit like that, ER was definitely in my mind! Luckily, after Daddy and Mommy held him with wet cloth and icy cold cloths, we were able to see 4 little puncture wounds in his mouth and no bump on his head. He surely made out lucky on this one!! But it just prepares me for all the stitches, and broken bones I know are to come. No matter how resiliant little ones are, I know what is coming so I have to be prepared.
My friend Kayla, it is for this reason, and this reason alone, that I tell you, you should embrace the little girls! They wont give you a heart attack!!! Well at least not until their teenage years..... Wait a minute! I suddenly realize why boys are better than girls! THE TEENAGE YEARS!!!!!! :( Lol

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  1. Lol! I love this post! Your last paragraph is exactly why I am deathly afraid of girls! Although I am not sure how I will handle any broken bones or stitches. I will just pray it doesn't happen. Now I know you are laughing at me!