Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here!!!

This year's Christmas is shaping up to be the best I've ever had! Not because I know I'm getting something great. (even though, I was basically told what I am getting and I am ECTSTATIC to recieve what the Hubs is giving) My girls, Kaylee in particular, have asked for 1 thing for months now. All they want is a Barbie house. Well, Santa is taking it a step further, and actually got the girls a doll house thats not necessarily a Barbie house, but it is a MASSIVE dollhouse standing taller than each of my girls.
It has been the biggest challenge to keep this thing from these wandering little eyes. So far, they haven't seen the HUGE thing under the blankets in the back of my closet. Of course Cj's nosiness has the best of him and he's found it, but as long as the ones who know what it is don't know, I think we will be just fine :)
Christmas morning will have cameras set up and ready to go with Mommy and Daddy just as excited as the girls, if not more! We can't wait to see our babies faces when they run into the living room and see this thing! There is only 1 thing that I don't like about this!! Doesn't it seem a bit unfair that we do ALL the work of putting the million pieces and million and one screws in this thing, and a big fat lazy white bearded man takes ALLLLL the credit??? Fun while they're young, but boy Santa has never been such a pain in the but lol!

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  1. Well we need a post about the houses and how much they loved them!