Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Kids say the Darndest things


This post is an ongoing post in progress. I thought I would keep a running blog of all the funny things my kids say. At least then everyone who reads this will see why these kids keep me laughing ALL THE TIME !!!

I threw the ball to the fence and Kaylee returned it.
" Oh my goodness! I have returned your ball my Queen !" -Kaylee

" Mama, you need to go visit your family! Go to the party, Grammy can stay with me!"-Kaylee while standing at the door telling me to leave the house so Grammy can watch her.

The reason for no more brother/sister baths " Mama, is Bubba's bird small or big? Its soooo cute!"

"Mama are you my Mama?" - Kaylee

"Mama whats your name?"- Katelyn "My name is Mama"- me " NOOOOO Your name is Uh-randa"- Katelyn

" Kaylee can you pick up your food in your kitchen?" - Me "No mama, Im a princess, YOU pick it up! Princess said so!"

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